image of art work by Barb Crowden

Doratura del Giglio

22nd March – 10th April

image of art work by Barb Crowden‘Doratura del giglio’is an exhibition of recent works by Barb Crowden, Peter Otton, Jude Lamb and Charlotte Lyngbye. The title translates as Gilding the Lily and for Barb and Peter it represents their personal responses to their travels in Italy and France.

Barb describes her work as Wall Jewellery and uses the concept of bricolage – works made with objects that are re-purposed, re-identified and transformed into a collage of handmade paper, costume jewellery, tiles, wood, and other various found objects. It is highly decorative. Peter Otton’s paintings are very busy with great detail across the whole canvas in the manner of photo-realism, referencing his recent travels to Sicily. Jude Lamb is a textile artist working in beautiful silk cloth. She uses natural dyes to achieve her gold shimmering fabrics. Charlotte Lynbye is working with fabrics and papers, painting and weaving them into beautiful tactile collage wall works.

The exhibition will be opened at Spiral Gallery at 5pm on Friday 22nd March by Spoken Word Artist Godfreddo who will introduce the exhibition via his quirky poetry.

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