24th August – 12th September

Opening on Friday 24 August at Spiral Gallery, Bega, will be a dynamic exhibition of work by some of the younger emerging creative artists from this region. Featuring works in new media, such as video, and new digital art, this promises to be an exciting visual feast. The gallery has produced a video, using Skype, film, video and digital images of the artists talking about their recent work on display and their work practices.

“There is some quite amazing artwork in our community, that has been not in the mainstream, produced by a group of people without a venue in which to show. Spiral Gallery has been in the forefront in this region for many years with their support for emerging artists and this show really is a tribute to Spiral’s commitment to the arts in Bega”, said curator Kim Falkenmire.

All the exhibiting are local artists, many of whom have left the district to further their careers while still contributing to the local community. Some have been regular exhibitors at Spiral, having been involved in Youth Week exhibitions, having group or solo exhibitions, some are exhibiting for the first time.

Artists include Max Hannan, Robert Lockerbie, Heath Cullen, Polly Crowden, Alicia Ardern, Tim Winterflood, Leesa Lewington, Emma Cullen, Sarah Lauricella, Edward Willson and Marty Hibbert.

Most of these artists attended Bega High School and the South Coast Anglican College and illustrate the ways that artistic endeavour can be pursued after the HSC. There are many different fields for creative ability in the world and these artists reflect this diversity.

Everyone is invited to the opening at 5pm Friday 24 August, to meet some of the artists and view their fantastic artworks.

A series of floor talks for school students have been organised with the aim of inspiring through example. For more information on these, please contact Spiral Gallery

There will be a floor talk at noon, Tuesday 4th September 2012 – open to the public.

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