“These are the ingredients of pots and human beings alike, and each formula contains also an element of chance. Do not ask perfection in pots or people for your search will go unrewarded, and you will miss knowing many good pots and many good people.”
R W Murphy

For my solo exhibition “Earth Air Fire Water” beginning Nov 19th 2010 the beautiful colours of the changing sea predominated. I always find that the kiln (fire) has the last word in the creation of the piece, a magic element of change that brings the pot “alive”; that adds a richness and uniqueness to the pot’s personality.

There is a magic about a good piece of hand-formed pottery; a bowl or cup that makes food a gourmet meal; a vase that is as beautiful as the flowers in it; a precious form to hold in the hand or soothe the mind. Potters become fondly attached to the pieces they make, and the hope is always that the new owner will discover the same special qualities in using the pot that the potter discovered while making it. I have been creating forms in clay for over twenty years.

Clay crafted forms by Jenny Mein using stoneware bodies and glazes are fired to 1300 degrees for durability.

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