List Of Winners!



First – Catherine Sinclair with ” Black Swan and Eggs”
Second – Sam Bailey with ” Land of Fabulous “
Highly commended – Di Panchaud with  “Untitled4”
                               –  Anna Senior with  “Call Margaret Fulton on the Mobile?”
                               –  Karen Reed with  “Soul Eggs”


First – Annaliese Reed with  “K9”
Second – Lucca Paijmans with  “Space Compound”
Highly Commended – Lachlan Heyhorn with  “Posy” – Ceramic
                               – Priya Benjamin  with ” Le petit Dejeuner” – ceramic
                               –  Indigo Murray with  “Venice 1887” – ceramic
                               –  Aysha Geoghegan with “‘The Wave”


First – Archie Doolan with “Evil Mist
Second – Becky Robbers — “Turtle Hatchlings Swimming’
Highly Commended  – Archie Ryan with  “Wombat”


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