About Twisted

Spiral Gallery is pleased to announce two emerging artists, also friends who studied art at the University of Wollongong  will be exhibiting at Spiral Gallery, Bega NSW.

The exhibion opens on Friday September 19 at 5.00 pm and goes until October 15.


Both Melanie Zangger and Zoë Tindale work in a variety of media including  Sculpture, painting and drawing in their exhibition entitled “Twisted”.

Zoë Tindale says of her art, “I feel like a child trying to fit a glove on my hand for the first time. For me, sculpture is the perfect glove, and it just feels like an extra layer to my being. I love discovering the figures that live in me, and forming them in solid materials. Sculpting is like a constant(and sometimes difficult) self discovery, which is humbling and exciting.”


Melanie Zangger takes a different approach. When dicussing her work she says, “I find inspiration for my art in the many striking and unique forms found in nature. So often, elements such as light, shadows, running water, boulders, roots and twisted branches echo the shapes and lines of female forms. I use these correlations between nature and the body to question contemporary social values in relation to gender and sexuality. I approach this by exploring a surreal interpretation of how the female form evolves when a woman is objectified”.

Both artists have exhibited in numerous exhibitions and intend to continue working as artists, finding inspiration and enjoyment developing and creating art.

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