Miriam Kydd and Graeme Smith @ Spiral

010 027 053 057

Above works by Miriam Kydd

Coinspiration is a joint exhibition of recent works by Miriam Kydd and Graeme Smith, who are artists from Tulgeen Disability Services’ Art in the Garage Project.

Miriam Kydd has a successful history working with Art in the Garage. Her recent works are inspired by the costumes of the Ballet Russes. Her series of paintings, drawings and college are full of rich colors and patterns.

Graeme Smith likes to ‘work big’ and loves color. Graeme’s works are bold and semi-abstract. One of the newer artists to the project, Graeme is developing into an exciting and prolific artist.

The exhibition is guest curated by Iain Dawson, the Director of Bega Regional Gallery. Art in the Garage has run an art studio for the last twelve years and its artists are well known in the region for their exhibitions that celebrate color and display a joyful, uninhibited approach to art making.

All are welcome at the exhibition opening at 5-6pm on Friday, 31st October with the show continuing through to Wednesday November 12th.

069 067 064

Works by Graeme Smith

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