Imprint; Pip Marshman and Ruth Thomas – July 3 to July 15

Pip Marshman and Ruth Thomas link storylines from Scotland and Tathra to create a rich fabric of coastline history and organic forms in “Imprint”, showing at Spiral Gallery Bega from July 3 to July 15.

This exposé of the world of artist books opens a window on all the attendant skills like printmaking and binding via large and small scale books, prints, textiles and scrolls that fill the space with the drama of the meetings of ocean and land and the complex history of times past. You can almost hear the waves and smell the seaweed!

The exhibition also features works from a collaborative sketchbook exchange entitled North, Sea, South, Coast which is inspired by the marine environment and coastlines bordering the Tasman Sea and The Firth of Forth with 8 participating artists from Australia, Scotland and New Zealand.


Pip Marshman is a local artist who has always shown promise through a fine graphic sensibility blended with a sophisticated sense of colour. Here she explores Tathra Headland with all it’s stories and secrets; both natural and man-made. A complex biodiversity is matched only by a social history ranging from dangerous to benevolent. If those rocks could only speak, what tales would they tell.

Ruth Thomas graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in June 2014 and was delighted to win the 2015 RSW Student Prize at the young age of 60. Whist she has lived just outside Edinburgh for over twenty years, she also has a home in Kalaru on the Bega River Estuary and the inspiration for her artwork is drawn from these two contrasting geographical environments.


Her work explores the human impact on the fragile balance of our natural environment. Central to her art practice is the experience of walking, observing and building a bank of pictorial references, from which she develops large-scale exploratory drawings, which deconstruct and regenerate organic forms in a visual simulation of nature in flux.

By contrast, the work that she will showcasing at the Spiral Gallery is of a much smaller and more intimate nature as it takes the form of intricately made artists’ books, delicate abstract drawings and organically dyed silk scrolls, all of which can be transported easily to the South Coast of NSW.

Story lines linking Scotland and Tathra via the rich fabric of coastline history and texture.

A workshop will be held on the weekend of 11/12 July which will explore

monoprinting techniques and making handmade artists books using a variety of

bindings.  Phone 64941437 to reserve your place.

Imprint workshop flyer

or get up close and personal on facebook…

3 comments on “Imprint; Pip Marshman and Ruth Thomas – July 3 to July 15

  1. I am incredibly excited to see the amazing work being created by Pip Marshman and Ruth Thomas. Whilst capturing a local element to the work that will be featured in this unique exhibition, a delicate blend of pieces created internationally complement the colours, shapes, forms and textures of landscapes so familiar to those of us who live in the Bega Valley. I highly recommend this forthcoming exhibition as a first and encourage all supporters of the Spiral Gallery to view the work so passionately created by these talented artists.

    • Am very sorry Wendy you can’t see the intricate patterns taken from the environment in these works but then again one persons trash is another persons treasure…see the show and it may become clearer. I am looking forward to seeing the work ‘in the flesh’ instead of a few snapshots.

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