ARTIST TALK July 7 at 11am – Speaker Ruth Thomas

003a     ARTIST TALK

In this talk Ruth will speak about the collaboration with fellow artist Pip Marshman which lead to the show “Imprint” in Spiral Gallery July 3 to 15 and will expose the world of artist books with all the attendant hands-on skills like printmaking using Perspex and Gelli plates and binding processes.

Ruth Thomas graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in June 2014 and was delighted to win the 2015 RSW Student Prize at the young age of 60. Whist she has lived just outside Edinburgh for over twenty years, she also has a home in Kalaru on the Bega River Estuary and the inspiration for her artwork is drawn from these two contrasting geographical environments. Her work explores the human impact on the fragile balance of our natural environment. Central to her art practice is the experience of walking, observing and building a bank of pictorial references, from which she develops large-scale exploratory drawings, which deconstruct and regenerate organic forms in a visual simulation of nature in flux.

Ruth will also give us glimpses of the challenges inherent in the collaborative sketchbook exchange entitled North, Sea, South, Coast which is inspired by the marine environment and coastlines bordering the Tasman Sea and The Firth of Forth involving 8 participating artists from Australia, Scotland and New Zealand.

The artists will also be running an Artists’ Bookmaking Workshop 11 – 12 July 2015.

Contact Pip Marshman on 64941437 or

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