MY PLACE : Rick Andersen solo Jan 15 – Feb 10

A conglomerate of things I make in the backyard. The making is the purpose and in the making one forgets to remember.

I called it My Place because a lot of the 3D pieces are made in my back yard, sitting on the lawn, with very basic tools and materials. There is something non-judgemental about making things. They don’t carry the angst of 2D works. They are just “things”. The process becomes far more important than the end result. The processes are shaping and scraping. Things need to be tied and glued, screwed and painted, smoothed and sanded. And in the end you mightn’t end up with anything. And it doesn’t matter.

Shapes…in polychromed wood, mounted on canvas.


012 (4)



014 (2)


012 (3)


007 (2)a

014 (3)

Colour….70’s colour fields in oils on canvas. These are really just large colour studies, in rectilinear structures.







Pics from the Opening


“Washout”, a mixed media work on paper by Rick Andersen will be raffled during the show.


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