Proof – 24 Mar to 20 Apr



A group of professional printmakers who often work in isolation in their studios in regional NSW have come together to exhibit their work at Spiral Gallery, Bega.  The community they share is one of ideas, knowledge and support. This network of shared interest for regional artists is crucial to their ongoing practice and exposes them to national and international audiences.

PROOF, a printmaking term for testing an image before the final printing, is also a word that means evidence, authentication, and demonstration. In this exhibition the artists explore a diverse range of contemporary printmaking practices that include woodblocks, etchings, collagraphs, screenprints, monotypes and digital prints. This group confirms that strong artistic communities do exist outside the support of the larger cities and are vibrant in rural communities.


Tony Ameneiro, Kathy Atkinson, Linda Bottari, Betty Bray, Marianne Courtenay, Lynne Flemons, Dorothy Freeman, John Hart, Fran Ifould, Liz Jeneid, Patricia Jones, Robyn Kinsela, Julie Krone, Phoebe Middleton, Kathy Orton, Lucia Parrella, Sandra Shrubb and Slavica Zivkovic.



Tony Ameneiro       Double Lily Head      2013      70x40cm       colour lithograph




Imagine A Forest by Sandra Shrubb


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