Best and Fairest -2 to 21 Sept

Aussies and sport go hand in glove…or do they?

In a healthy nod to footy finals, the start of the European soccer season and the recently completed Olympic Games, Spiral Gallery’s current exhibition:  ‘Best and Fairest’, is an examination of sport through the interpretive eye of the artist.

The multiple perspectives on show will include celebration, whimsy, drama, irony and a healthy dose of surprise.

More than 20 local artists have taken up the challenge to make work that references sport in one way or another.  These include well known makers such as Peter Otton, Sam Bailey, Anneke Paijmans, Anna Buck and Sharon Cornthwaite.  Others may be less well known but are no less accomplished in their chosen media.

The show includes paintings, ceramics, wood pieces, fibre, video and small sculptures.

Sports depicted will include many of those most familiar to viewers and some they may never have come across.

This exhibition brings together viewpoints which we normally might not expect to coincide – that of the sport participant and fan on one hand and that of the artist and creator on the other.  It is very unusual for these two outlooks to exist together in any one person.

Many of the artists participating in the show do not in fact have strong interests in sport, and we can expect some interesting contrary views to be expressed.

The Exhibition will be on show from Friday September 2 to Wednesday September 21 and most work is for sale.

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