Circa 50 – 21 April – 17 May

21 April – 17 May
Artists interpret the theme ‘around 50’ in all media.
A theme to play with – how would you interpret it? a piece that’s no bigger than around 50cm high, wide?…has around 50 components…trees in a painting…beads in a piece…strands to a basket…around 50 BC, AD, 1550, 1950…50/50 half one element, half another….?

Artists include Roz Bannon, Margaret Brown, Anna Buck, Sharon Cornthwaite, Kathryn Hede, Susi Kleber, Jock Morse, Peter Otton, Anneke Paijmans, Liam Ryan, Alexandra Seddon, Diny Stewart, David Stocker, Lenore Thompson, Bernd Weise and Bronwyn Wright.

Join us at the Opening on Friday 21st April 5pm.

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