Hilary Peterson


My work investigates the fragility and beauty of the coastal area in which I live. I explore the region through a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, printed and dyed textiles and paper. Dyes used encompass commercial and native plant dyes. They create a contrast between the vibrancy of the commercial dyes and the more subdued colours achieved through the plant dyes. The plant dyes secure fabric in time and place, as the plant gives up a different shade of colour depending on the season, weather conditions and soil type. The commercial dyes refer to our contemporary lifestyle in its use of technology and love of colour. The commercial dyes and paints also reflect colours of the landscape that are not able to be produced by native plants.

The scale of the work ranges from quite small, such as artist books, to larger pieces, some of which hang freely in space. Images are collaged and cropped giving the viewer the sense of an up close position within the landscape; turning the micro into the macro.


2012 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110

2010 Diploma of Business

2009 Certificate IV in Business Administration

2008 Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training

2002 Master of Arts (Visual and Performing) – Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga

1973-1976 Shillito School of Colour and Design

 solo exhibitions

20112 ‘the dreaming memory of land as it lay this way and that’, ANCA Gallery, ACT

2005 ‘Notes from Nature’ – Spiral Gallery, Bega

2002-2003 ‘Littoral Landscape’ –Bega Valley Regional Gallery

2002 ‘Littoral Landscape’ – Gallop Gallery, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga.

1999 ‘Inner Visions’, – Spiral Gallery, Bega

 selected group exhibitions

2010 Ivy Hill Gallery, Wapengo

2008 Land Script, Kingstudio, Milton

2008 Sunprints, Megalo Print Workshop, Canberra

2008 Sunprints, Bega Valley Regional Gallery

2008 ‘Transition’ – Merimbula

2008 ‘Fragments’ – Spiral Gallery

2008 ‘In Off On’ – Bega Valley Regional Gallery

2007 ‘Site Specific 1’, Bega Valley Regional Gallery

2007 Art Resource Book and Diary 2008, Mechanics Institute, Moruya

2007 Ivy Hill Gallery, Wapengo

2007 ‘Out of the Box’ – Bega Valley Regional Gallery

2007 ‘Interiors’ South East Modern Art Group, BVRG

2006 Art Resource Book and Diary 2007, Spiral Gallery

2006 ‘Making Do’ – ANCA Gallery Canberra

2006 ‘Out of the Box’ – BVRG

2004 ‘Ourland’ – Horsham Regional Gallery

2003 ‘Figure in the Landscape’ – S.E. Modern Art Group, BVRG.

2001 ‘The Power of Black and White’- S.E. Modern Art Group, BVRG.

1999 Earth, Experience and Interpretation,S.E. Modern Art Group, BVRG curated by Andrew Sibley.His comment on my work – “Two of the most successful paintings in the exhibition. Quote Picasso ‘There is always a battle between the artist and his work of art – if he is lucky, the work of art wins.’ “.

1998-1999 December/January- Wood Works Gallery, Bungendore.

1998 November – Hunter’s Hill Gallery

1998 February – ‘Small Pictures, Great Harmony’ Art Exhibition, Nakano City, Japan, for the Nagano Winter Olympic Memorial Culture Program.

1998 January/February – Wood Works Gallery, Bungendore.

1997 July-August – Wood Works Gallery, Bungendore-a joint exhibition of seven south coast artists.

1997 Boyd Fine Art Gallery, Camden- Aust. Soc. of Min. Art.

1997 ‘Progressions’- S.E. Modern Art Group at the Bega ValleyRegional Gallery

1996 ‘Rebirth of a Passion’- Holdsworth Gallery, Sydney.

1995 ‘Aspects’ -S.E. Modern Art Group at the Bega Regional Gallery.

1995 Southern District Quilt Festival, Cobargo

1994 Melbourne Quilt Exhibition-

1994 ‘Colours of Australia’ – Sydney Quilt Festival.

professional practice

2011 Co-judge, Books…beyond words – evolution, East Gippsland Regional Gallery

2008- South Coast Solar Print Project

2007 Youth art project, Spiral Gallery


Private collections in Australia, United Kingdom and USA

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