Joy Georgeson

Camel Rock


Highs and Lows 52cm

This collection of ceramic sculpture has been inspired by the coastal and estuary environments of the Far South Coast of NSW. My subject matter is the local flora and fauna interacting with the surrounding landscape. Observation of natural phenomena such as the weather, geology and cycles of Nature influence the colours, form and texture of the works. Sometimes the themes are mythical, such as Lion Rock and Camel Rock, whereas others are science based with references to evolution and biological processes.

The sculptures are hollow hand built, made from Raku clay. They are decorated with matt glazes and oxides with highlights of gloss glaze. Most pieces are once-fired to 1200 degrees Celsius. They are suitable for all outdoor conditions.

I studied art, majoring in ceramics at Melbourne State College from 1972-76. I have taught art in Victoria, NSW and the ACT to students of all levels from kindergarten to adults. I have exhibited my work since 1977 around Australia and overseas and have many works in private and public collections. I currently work in my studio on the edge of Wallaga Lake NSW.

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