Lenore Thompson


As a child I was forever making things with my hands. An inheritance I think, from my maternal grandparents and encouraged by my mother.  Experimentation continued into adulthood as I played with fabric, fibre, colour and a plethora of art materials.

About ten years ago I saw a beaded piece in the magazine ‘Belle Armoire’ and the odyssey of the bead began. I was entranced by shiny, tiny beads, glittering and winking in the light. Their myriad colours inspired me to make jewellery – bracelets, ear rings, brooches and necklaces. Each piece is woven bead by bead with needle and thread using patterns found and shared from all over the world.  The patterns are a base to jump from as I play with shape and colour to create each piece. My materials come from the glass bead producing nations of India, China, Czechoslovakia, Austria and Japan. I use focal beads designed and created by Australian hot glass and ceramic artists. Found objects also wend their way into my work.

Living here in the South East, the beauties of the country collide: colours of flora, fauna, rock, wave, forest and sky inspire my desire to create.  I seek to convey my sense of wonder for this place. This is what I feel as bead meets bead. The colours twirl and a piece arrives.

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