Steve Stafford


I have lived in the area since 1982 when I was transferred to Bega High School as an Industrial Arts teacher. My wife and I first lived in Bermagui before building and moving to Cobargo 25 years ago. I remained teaching at Bega till February 2009. Between December 1989 and August 2009 along with Helen we ran our own gallery, “Working Wood”, a major tourist attraction in Cobargo.

One of the approaches to my pieces is to conceive a theme, then create objects of art which reflect these “themes”. These themes can be based on ancient artefacts to whimsical creatures. The object then created can be functional or art objects. Many of these themed pieces are turned initially but then a lot of hand carving and sculpting is used to achieve the final design. Some of my pieces are preconceived by drawing and sketching the ideas whereas other pieces just evolve being directed by the decorative features of the wood.

My range of work is functional to art pieces. My latest range of products stems from my love of cooking, with the introduction of a range of quality and specialist food preparation knives. I have exhibited overseas at the Munich International Craft Fair and also in Japan. My work is represented in National, State and International collections both private and institutional. I have also exhibited in open exhibitions and selective exhibitions. My exhibited pieces have won many National, State and local awards. My favourite timbers are our local Forest Red Gum and Blackwood. I also have a fascination for the Desert Acacias such as Gidgee, Mulga and others; this is due to their hardness, contrasting colours and natural beauty

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